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07.19.2021 Talking Tech

Bunny Studio Voice Helps Lightswitch Keep Up with Scale (Case Study)

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One of the video services that Lightswitch offers is the ability to have a professional voice actor record their voice over the videos we make. These voice-overs narrate the great services and products that our clients have to offer.

In order to keep up with our influx of client work, we need to outsource our voice-over work -- that’s where Bunny Studio comes in. Through the use of Bunny Studio’s platform where clients can choose from a database of 28,000 voices to find the best pick to represent their product or service, Bunny Studio helps us to keep up with the scale of our projects, and their 24-hour turn-around time makes the process quick and easy.

Bunny Studio recently posted a case study highlighting how they accelerated our production with 90% successful delivery.

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