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07.13.2023 Talking Tech

Creating customer testimonials for YouTube Ads (Part 3/7)


Creating Customer Testimonials for YouTube Ads

With YouTube's precise targeting ability, the video platform can bring in new customers who are at various points of their buyer journey.


These folks are people who hopefully fit the specific target audience you are going after, but most likely have not yet heard of your company. Ads should be focused on discovery, and should be tailored to the YouTube content they are attached to. This audience may be seeing your ad before or after a video, so you want to keep them engaged from the start so they don’t click off, regardless of placement.


  • Short and to the point
  • Ads can last up to 30 seconds, but make sure all the important information is in the first 7 seconds.
  • Viewers often try to skip ads, so if you get your message out early, and then they skip, it’s like you got a free ad.
  • Faces in the first images are effective
  • This creates a connection with the viewer and can make it easier for them to remember your brand. Take these case studies from the University of Southern California for example.
  • Convey your message in text and captions
  • Make sure your message is accessible and still gets across, even if your videos are viewed silently.
  • Specific and targeted
  • If you sell pet food, make individual ads for each product (e.g., dog food, vegan dog food, cat food, bird food, senior bird food etc.) and only show each ad to the people who need those things. The more specificity you can manage, the better.

Advanced Tip: Create 2-3 ads for each customer profile so that they learn something new about what your company offers each time they see your ad.

Want to learn more? Read The Ultimate Guide to Customer Video Testimonials -- or contact us!

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