Lightswitch Video | How Long Should My Video Be?
05.23.2016 Talking Tech

How Long Should My Video Be?

For a video production company, we don't create enough video internally. That changes now! Today we premiere the very first in our ongoing series of videos guiding you through the production process and giving you tips on how to handle business at your company.

In our first video, our business owner, the proud owner of a cat skinning business, asks "How Long Should My Videos Be?"

There is of course more to the answer, but our general response is always, "as short as the video can be while still effectively conveying the message." We also recommend breaking your video up into more, shorter videos if possible. This is great for SEO, it keeps companies on your site longer and encourages them to consume more content. It's like bite size candies, we often end up eating more candy, just in smaller pieces.

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