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02.09.2017 Talking Tech

Lightswitch Innovators - Andrew Cross - Walker Sands - Part 1

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Lightswitch works with businesses small and large throughout the U.S. to help them bring video production to their customers. We're lucky to be able to rely on our partners' expertise ranging from marketing, to public relations, to online media to publishing. We cannot be experts on everything so we deeply appreciate our partners' willingness to share their expertise with us.

Because we are so lucky, we want to share that expertise with our customers, partners and readers.

That is why we sat down with Andrew Cross, VP of Public Relations at Walker Sands Communications, here in Chicago, to talk about the current state of video in the communicatons industry. Please enjoy part one of our four part series "Lightswitch Innovators." In part one Andrew discusses how Walkers Sands approaches the current digital ecosystem and video within that ecosystem.


LIghtswitch wants to extend a very special thank you to Andrew Cross and everyone at Walkers Sands for taking the time to sit down for this series, and for being an excellent partner over the years.

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