Lightswitch Video | Should I hire a production agency?
04.11.2024 Talking Tech

Should I hire a production agency?


So, you’re looking to create a video for your business, but you’re not sure where to start. Should you hire a production company, or try to DIY all of it?

Should I hire a production agency?

If your budget is tight, it might seem easier to DIY – but it’s likely that you’ll be able to find professionals in your price range who can deliver a great project to you, without all of the extra stress that comes with trying to do everything yourself. If you have a decently sized budget, you have more flexibility over what companies to choose from and between what services.

Why should I hire a production agency?

Hiring a production agency to make your videos for your business might seem like a big cost for your business – and we know that sometimes a price tag can be daunting. But something that you’ll really end up saving is time. A professional video production agency can handle all of the logistics of creating your video (with your thoughts and input, of course), leaving you more time to focus on the rest of your business and other responsibilities.

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