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06.24.2016 Talking Tech

Video for the SEO Marketer

Where are your clients located? Most marketing firms aren’t going to turn away business if the client is several states away, but if distance does make the heart grow fonder, it also makes projects go longer. With more and more companies leveraging video content, distance can be a major obstacle for companies’ agencies with long geographic reach. Fear not though, while there are some difficulties associated with producing videos for clients across the country, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Advantage one – Content with legs

Video content is by far the most shared form of media online. A onetime investment can pay off for months or years as clients continue to receive more views. One hundred million, that’s right million, internet users view at least one video online each day, and that number is growing. Your clients can’t afford to miss the opportunity to get good content uploaded NOW.

Advantage two – Your Client’s are asking for it

Chances are your clients have, or are very soon to, ask you what they should consider for video strategy. Explainer videos are one of the easiest ways to improve brand exposure and, well, explain what it is their product or service does. Testimonials are another great way to get started and make a big impact. Modern consumers are more informed than ever before, and more likely to seek out reviews or recommendations. So why not get out in front of that challenge? Producing a quality testimonial video will help your client improve trust and convert more window shoppers.

Advantage three – It’s too easy not to do.

Multiple clients? Multiple locations? Scheduling, shooting, editing, and everything in between? No worries. Marketing agencies can partner with Lightswitch’s video network to connect professional crews, experienced production teams and your clients all across the country. Even the smallest, most isolated companies have access to a professional video crew and support staff when agencies partner with Lightswitch. Don’t take it from me though, check out this video form Outbound Engine, a marketing agency in Austin TX

See, testimonial videos are worth it.

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