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07.06.2023 Talking Tech

Which customers should I feature in my video customer testimonials? (Part 1/7)

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Which customers should I feature in my customer testimonials?

Short Answer: Customers that are similar to other customers you are trying to reach.

So you want to create customer testimonials, but you're not sure where to start -- this is how you choose which customers to feature in your video customer testimonials.

First, you should make a list of the types of customers (business and industry categories, demographics, problems you solve for them etc.) that make up your current customer base. Then prioritize this list based on things like which customers drive the most revenue, which are most pleasant to work with, and which best match the direction you’d like to take your company.

By first determining who it is you are targeting you can then decide which testimonials to prioritize. In an ideal world you have unlimited time and budget and could create a specific testimonial video targeted to each demographic, customer profile, and video channel.

Since budgets are not infinite you should use your list to prioritize. Look at your current customers and see which stories would best match the story you want to tell future customers. Over time you can work your way through the list until you have customer stories for every customer profile.

What questions should I ask to get the most out of my customer testimonials?

Short Answer: Questions that get the story, not just praise.

It’s important to make sure that you’re getting great sound bites out of your customers for the testimonials to shine. You don’t just want the testimonial to say that you’re awesome – there should be more detail behind it than that to build real, lasting credibility. Ask questions that help your customer tell the before and after story, express authenticity, and of course, gush about your company. A good on-site producer can take a list of standard questions to get extraordinary responses by digging deeper in the moment.

We created a list of 20+ suggested questions to ask that we’ve used when filming customer testimonials for clients. You can use them as a starting point and tailor them to your specific business and needs.

Want to learn more? Read The Ultimate Guide to Customer Video Testimonials -- or contact us!

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