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How To Use Video At Trade Shows

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Trade shows are a classic marketing tool. After all, coming together and networking with professionals in your field is an important part of growing your company. In a 2015 report, B2B Content Marketing cites in-person events as the most effective B2B marketing tactic. Considering 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, it only makes sense to combine the two to maximize the potential of your next trade show event.

Vision is the most sophisticated of the senses; 65% of the population are visual learners. This makes video a compelling tool at a trade show for grabbing the attention of potential buyers, business partners, and leads.

Tips for Creating a Trade Show Video

The trade show video should be a bit different. The trade show video is developed to stand out amongst the other participants and draw your prospects to your booth. It delivers a concise message that is quickly delivered while capturing the crowd’s curiosity.

A video at your booth could be a major draw. Whether it be a brief overview of your company and its services or a demonstration of your product, a visual aid can only help and strengthen the presentation of your booth amongst the competition. Packaging and handing out the video in a USB stick or SD card along with your white paper or other original content also works. Basically, you are using the video as a “reward.” This video and others similar to it can and should be used in your initial email invitations, post-event emails, and future nurture emails. Hosting the video on Wistia will help with lead generation, considering Wistia has built-in lead generation plug-ins on their video player.

Aside from the more informative videos that you can display, trade shows are fantastic opportunities to stage and film interviews and testimonials. Whether you are a bigger company and your top executives will be present or you are a start-up and your entire team will be there, it is always great for your visual content to include members of your team for more personalization.

Viewers will be left with an impression of what company you are and what they can expect if they decide to do business with you or use your products. A high quality, creative video will do wonders to your brand’s image. Trade shows are about passing information about your company to spread awareness of your brand. Video delivers that information in a fascinating, eye-catching, and concise medium. At a trade show a prominent video presence with a quick message can both intrigue and prime your target audience to discover more about your business. But like all great marketing tools, the effectiveness of video is determined by who is designing and using it.

This is where it comes handy to have a trusted video production partner so that you do not have to go around hiring and managing freelance videographers. Lightswitch has done video work for trade shows in the past and is more than happy to work with you to fulfill any video needs you may need for that upcoming networking event.

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