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08.12.2016 Talking Tech

Why Your Business Needs a Video Production Partner

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Why Your Business Needs a Video Production Partner

At this point in time, your business has probably, at the very least, thought about creating video content for some kind of purpose.

Testimonial videos humanize your brand while personally telling your potential clients the benefits of your services. Business profiles allow businesses to deliver the perfect pitch. Video content for marketing purposes greatly increases a website’s visibility on search engines such as Google and YouTube.

There is long form video, the sort that keeps a viewer on site and watching in the same way as a viewer might have previously watched television. This is valuable to those users, businesses, and advertisers. Those types of videos, however, are tough to share in the exponentially increasing immediacy age of social media. This need for immediacy has spawned a new demand for short form video.

We say we are living in the age of social media, but could we at some point transition to the age of online video? According to Contently, users spent an average of an hour and 55 minutes watching online video as opposed to spending an hour and 44 minutes on social media. Video content has been enough of a booming trend for business marketing strategy to the point where we have to start questioning if it is really a trend or a new standard.

But wait...don’t these videos need to be created by someone?

Many companies do their own production in-house, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is always great to have your production needs handled by someone that you personally know and already trust.

But many companies also outsource their production to video production partners like Lightswitch. In Lightswitch’s case, we utilize a network of over 5,000 videographers across the nation to serve the video production needs of clients all around the country, no matter what it is they need to be filmed.

Advantages to Outsourcing Your Video Production

It is very tough to find and staff a videographer that can take care of every task that comes with a large-scale business video shoot. Even then, it is difficult for one to put aside bias attached to the company they work for to pinpoint and tackle flaws in the finished product. Now think about how tough it is putting together a team of these guys to all gel together and compliment what each of them bring to the table while also making sure the video is the highest quality possible.

Perhaps you’re hiring a team for only one job? A team hired on for a project can also be a logistical headache. Managing the video campaign itself can be stressful, adding the additional stress of having to juggle around the schedules of hired videographers (who tend try to book as many jobs as they can) to try to fly them out for a potentially multi-day shoot is just an unwanted cherry on top.

Working with a professional video production company gives you more bang for your buck while expanding your professional network. You will be able to create exactly what you had in mind for the project while still being able to stay within your budget. Besides, buying video gear is often the poor route of choice since cameras and related equipment are constantly changing. Using Lightswitch as an example, we would be able to have the talent ready for you wherever the shoot may be, the equipment already in-hand, and the post-production team to handle the editing.

This sudden boom in the need for filming video has made the need for high quality video a hot commodity. The desire to be active in new content delivery methods by nearly everyone has led to more video content being published.

Having an established and trusted video production partner like Lightswitch will ensure your video content is of the highest quality while also alleviating logistical headaches and staying within your budget.

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